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creating beautiful smiles one relationship at a time

Knoxville’s Dental Health Experts
Knoxville’s Dental Health Experts

About the doctors

Knoxville’s Dental Health Experts

At Knoxville Smiles, we dedicate ourselves to improving oral health, comfort, function and beauty, in collaboration with you, our patient. Drs Costa and Malone are experts in diagnosis and treatment of complex dental problems, not just general care. 

  • We respect each patient as a unique individual
  • We have designed our practice for optimal communication 
  • Drs. Malone and Costa partner together
  • We are committed to fully informing patients 
  • Knoxville Smiles is one of Knoxville’s longest established dental practices

top Services

Teeth Whitening Icon

General Dentistry

Our primary goal is to keep dental problems from occurring.

Dental Implant Icon

implant surgery

We proudly offer comprehensive implant services .

Crown Icon


TMJ can cause jaw pain, facial tension, headaches, and more.

Filling Icon

restorative treatment

Fillings, crowns, bridges, and implants are common restorative options.


For New Patients

Meet Our Team

-about knoxville smiles

Drs. Costa and Malone Taking Pictures

In-House Lab

-Custom pieces designed in house

Dr. Costa Working

Patient Centered Care

-we put your comfort first 

Play Video

-education for you 

– everything you need for your first visit

state of the art

– high-technology office

Knoxville Smiles has invested in advanced, state-of-the-art technology and continuously train in the latest techniques. 

Our office has a custom dental laboratory downstairs to provide you with the most efficient dental restorations and implant components. We also put patient care as our top priority, and you can see how we care for our patients throughout our office. 


What Our Patients say


Angie W.

All of the staff were super friendly and wonderful! Jennifer Waters is by far the best dental assistant I have ever encountered. She was excellent and helpful in explaining what steps were being done in my visit and I felt in great care! I was very impressed by the clean, modern and hi-tech office!


Julie M.

Thank you for the wonderful, painless dental work! Your work was amazing – saving two teeth that other dentists told me needed to be pulled and replaced with implants. Your expertise also filled a tooth other dentists said needed a crown Your work added up to a large savings for me and is greatly appreciated! I have recommended you to anyone who is looking for a dentist or is unhappy with the one they have. My husband, who dreads going to the dentist, is looking forward to his first visit. Your whole office and staff is positive and welcoming.


John R.

As a medical professional, I envy the friendliness and welcoming attitude that your office staff convey. I know all too well that this doesn’t happen by accident. Kudos for your overall office atmosphere!


Kathryn P.

Shannon was probably the best Hygienist I have ever worked with. I can really tell that she loves her job. You guys do a great job with your marketing as well as educating your patients. Your excellent customer service helped me to feel relaxed and at ease during my visit. You have definitely won my loyalty to your business for as long as I am in Knoxville.

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