Dental Microscope

Dr’s Costa & Malone know that simply looking at a tooth with the naked eye isn’t enough. At Knoxville Smiles, they have invested in the latest high powered magnification glasses to see your teeth up to 5x larger. However, sometimes, a tooth may have a crack or defect that needs to be seen even closer to make a correct diagnosis. Therefore, these dentists have invested in dental microscopes for even higher magnification. The microscopes are used for many dental procedures and offer many benefits:

1. The higher magnification allows for minute abnormal variances in tooth structure (such as cavities or fractures) and surrounding tissue (such as periodontal disease) to be easily identified and often caught earlier, making the treatment outcomes more successful

2. Having the higher magnification also means Dr. Malone & Dr. Costa can take a more conservative approach to treatment because they’ll be able to see exactly where a problem is occurring. It also means greater precision and accuracy.

3. The microscope provides the best ergonomic position for the dentists. This is essential for longer appointments as Dr. Malone & Dr. Costa will be able to provide treatment in a comfortable, pain-free position without having to rush.

4. With the capability of taking high resolution pictures with the microscope, you the the patient can see exactly what the doctor sees. Not only will you have a better understanding of the condition of your mouth, but you’ll have confidence in the care you’re receiving.

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