Gum Disease Treatment

Gum Disease Chart

At Knoxville Smiles, our dentists and registered dental hygienists genuinely care about their patients. We gently but thoroughly maintain periodontal health through accurate diagnosis, prophylactic cleanings, and expert treatment of any gum inflammation that occurs.

In the case of mild to moderate gum disease we will focus on eliminating the bacterial infection with more frequent dental cleanings in our office and instruction on the most appropriate oral home care.

If you gum inflammation is advanced and gum pockets are deep, we will recommend a deeper cleaning called “scaling and root planing (SRP).” Your gum tissue will be numbed with local anesthetic while the hygienist removes bacterial plaque and hardened calculus below the gum line and then smooths the dental enamel encasing dental roots. A topical antibiotic will be applied. This will eliminate harmful oral bacteria and allow your gum tissue to heal. You will need continuing excellent oral hygiene to prevent plaque from redeveloping to the extent that your gum tissue is once again harmed.

Gum disease should not be neglected.

Gum disease is a progressive condition that begins with mild gum inflammation and can progress and become a significant infection of the gum and bone tissues that support teeth, leading to painful tooth decay, tooth loosening, and tooth loss. But even more is at stake. The presence of gum disease means that bad oral bacteria are now circulating through your blood stream to all organs of your body, and as a result, your body is fighting systemic inflammation that can start or worsen systemic diseases such as cardiovascular heart disease and diabetes.

Every time you come for a dental cleaning and oral exam in our practice, we will be thoroughly examining you for signs of gum disease. If you are overdue for a cleaning and/or exam, we are here to serve you and make sure your oral health is maintained.

Our hygienists and dentists have the training, knowledge, skill and judgment to diagnosis, advise and treat you appropriately. We understand how easily gum disease develops and can promptly provide you with the compassionate and gentle care you need. If gum disease has caused significant gum recession around certain teeth, we can also provide gum grafting treatment here in the comfort of our office, once active gum disease has been eliminated.

Knoxville Smiles offers the full range of dental services under our one roof. We invite you to call and schedule an appointment today!

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