Enduring, Esthetic Dental Crowns

Graphic Steps of Crown Placement

If you have one or more damaged teeth, Dr. Stephen K. Malone or Dr. Michael J. Costa, Jr. may recommend dental crowns at our practice. These tooth-shaped restorations fit over damaged teeth to restore form and functionality. They come in a range of materials, including lifelike dental porcelain. They can strengthen weakened teeth, cover up cavities that are too large for fillings, and repair broken teeth. In some cases, your Knoxville Smiles dentist may also recommend a crown for cosmetic enhancement. For example, if you have an irregularly shaped tooth, a crown can give you a more even smile. Our skilled onsite dental technicians will make sure your crown blends with your smile and maintains your bite alignment.

Due to advancements made in dental ceramics, we typically recommend long-lasting all-ceramic crowns. Porcelain fused on metal (PFM) crowns are in many patients’ mouths. These were the state of the science option and best standard of care for many years. The esthetics of all-ceramic crowns are superior, and you will never see a dark line develop at the base of the crown because there is no metal.

Drs. Malone and Costa always spend time with patients to explain and show why a crown is needed and what to expect. Your questions will be answered during your time with us so you can confidently choose the treatment you need to preserve teeth, enhance your dental function and enhance your smile.

The Dental Crown Procedure

Before he can place a crown, Dr. Malone or Dr. Costa will reshape your tooth. By trimming away a small amount of your dental structure, he can make room for the restoration. He will numb your tooth and gums before performing this procedure, so you should experience little discomfort, if any. Then we will make an impression and photos of your prepared tooth.

A custom PMMA provisional crown, made of 100% bio-compatible Poly(methyl methacrylate) will be immediately created in our dental lab using our advanced CAD/CAM technology. This temporary crown will be placed on your prepared tooth. Our dentist and you will evaluate the shape and size of the PMMA crown in your mouth.

Your provisional crown will look like a natural tooth and the color of that temporary crown will be matched to adjacent teeth. The provisional crown will protect your tooth structure, roots and surrounding gum tissue. It will allow you to eat normally and smile with confidence. You can also think of it as more than a protective “cap.” It is also a low cost “model” of the crown that will be made out of porcelain or other material. Depending on the location of the tooth in your smile and additional oral issues being addressed, Dr. Malone or Dr. Costa may recommend that you wear the temporary crown for a period of a few weeks before your definitive crown is made. That way, slight adjustments can be made and your final crown will be optimal for a comfortable bite and beautiful smile.

Your definitive crown is created in the lab by our ceramist who trained at the esteemed Pankey Institute with Dr. Malone. When your beautiful, lifelike restoration is complete, you will return for your second appointment. At that time, Dr. Malone or Dr. Costa will remove the provisional crown and permanently attach your custom crown.

Drs. Malone and Costa offer expert, quality dental restorations to patients in the greater Knoxville area, including Powell, Karns, Farragut, Seymour, Maryville, and Oak Ridge. Give Knoxville Smiles a call today!

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