Cone Beam CT Guided Dental Implants

3d Image of Mouth & Implant

Cone beam computer tomography (CBCT) guidance is a new technology that allows Dr. Michael Costa and Dr. Stephen Malone of Knoxville Smiles to build a three-dimensional model of your jaw and teeth. Using the latest modeling software and cone beam CT scans, our doctors are able to plan complex dental restoration using dental implants. With software guidance and a specialized computer using CT technology, they plan the positioning of implants in relation to the bone and ideal tooth position. After planning your individualized implant treatment, they use a surgical guide to drill into your bone tissue at the exact position and on the precise angle that has been planned for your ideal treatment. This assures the best final results for health, function, and the appearance of your smile.

“We also have a complete dental laboratory in our building, where certified dental technicians use our 3D printer to precision-make the custom guide for each implant,” says Dr. Costa. “We provide 3D CT scans in our own office as part of treatment planning. Our patients do not need to go elsewhere for scans, and we do not need to send lab work out of house, which translates into significant cost savings for our patients.”

Three-dimensional cone beam scans are safe and take the guess work out of implant surgery. Everything can be planned prior to surgery to obtain optimal results. Investment in this latest 3D imaging and modeling technology—and rigorous training in its use means we offer our patients the absolute best in dental implant planning and placement.
Both the clinical team and the customer service office team of Knoxville Smiles has one goal. That is to provide you with the best oral surgery experience and outcomes.

We offer complimentary (no fee) initial and second opinion implant consultation appointments. In this appointment, you will learn about appropriate implant treatment for your individual oral health situation, and your questions will be answered. We will explain financing options available through CareCredit and LendingClub Patient Solutions. You may take time to make your decision, and you will not be under pressure to schedule treatment.

Not only do we want our patients to have the best care, we strive to make it affordable.

Give us a call today to schedule your complimentary initial implant consultation!

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