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Our office is located in the heart of West Knoxville and is easily accessible from I-40, Kingston Pike, and Ebenezer Rd.  

264 South Peters Road Knoxville TN 37923

Building with Flowers

Take a Virtual Tour

Take a look through our office, room by room before your appointment.

You can explore our welcoming front lobby to our comforting operatories.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


We aren’t your normal dentist office and that experience starts the moment you come inside.  Enjoy our comfortable leather chairs, dimmed lighting and free wifi while sipping on a complimentary bottle of water. Want to know what your hygienist’s favorite food is? Or who their favorite superhero is? Get to know your hygienist and doctor better by watching Knoxville Smiles TV on our large flat screen TV.
Lobby 2
Receptionist desk

We are a 100% Paperless office.  This means you can complete and sign all your forms and treatment plans on an iPad.  This helps us reduce appointment delays and enhance your experience. Additionally, all of our forms are available 24/7 online. You can fill them out on your home computer or on your mobile device

Two asian woman looking at ipad.

patient rooms/amenities

While we are working our magic, lay back, put on our Knoxville Smiles sunglasses, grab one of our super soft blankets, put on our comfortable headphones and enjoy watching your favorite TV show or catch up on last night’s game on ESPN. Whatever you want to watch, you’ll find it on our large flat screen TV’s positioned perfectly above every exam chair.  You’ll forget you’re at the dentist!
Op 1 Behind
Op 1 floor
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Op 4 behind
Knoxville Smiles Gift Sunglasses
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