T-Scan® Digital Technology

dental treatment with digital technology

dental treatment with digital technologyThrough digital technology, Dr. Stephen Malone of Knoxville obtains precise data that is unattainable by other means. Digital scanning facilitates comfort and efficiency, as well as precise results.
With T-Scan technology, Dr. Malone accurately documents how your teeth come together, the points of contact, which points make contact first, and the forces that occur. This easy, fast scan documents your bite before and during each stage of treatment. It is safe, comfortable for patients, and fascinating to experience.

What to Expect

Just follow Dr. Malone’s instructions to bite down on the thin T-Scan sensor. Its USB-based handle and software will reveal the level and timing of force on individual teeth and the stability (or disharmony) of your bite. On a digital display above the dental chair, you will readily see the bite forces in your mouth. You will be able to understand the wear and tear these forces have on your teeth and WHY dental issues have occurred or are anticipated. You’ll see why your jaw muscles are symptomatically painful and/or you are experiencing chronic jaw tension and headaches. You and Dr. Malone will discuss the benefits of creating a harmonious occlusion in your mouth and the way in which this can be created for you.

When is it used?

Dr. Malone has implemented T-Scan in diagnostic exams and all types of restorative treatments. It also plays a significant role in cosmetic treatments. With this technology, he achieves optimal treatment outcomes and maintains a digital record of occlusal changes. The digital records can be easily transferred online to any specialist that may be part of your treatment, for example, a periodontist or oral surgeon placing dental implants.
You’ll experience the ease and, also, appreciate the knowledge gained, when Dr. Malone uses T-Scan for:

  • the comprehensive patient exam,
  • occlusal analysis and adjustment,
  • orthotic splint therapy,
  • treatment of TMD/TMJ,
  • crown and bridge restoration of teeth,
  • orthodontic treatment with Invisalign,
  • veneer treatment,
  • denture treatment,
  • implant treatment, or
  • full mouth reconstruction.

One Patient’s Appreciation for T-Scan

“I suffered with a poor bite for most of my life, and had full mouth reconstruction fifteen years ago. While my comprehensive treatment plan was being created and executed, T-Scan wasn’t available. Biting down, and sliding and tapping my teeth together on articulating paper showed where my teeth were making contact, but the dentist had to have a skilled ear to hear which teeth were making contact first and the relative force being applied. Now, it’s truly wonderful to have the accuracy of an occlusal bite check with T-Scan. As I age, occasional occlusal adjustments can be quickly and accurately done on the nightguard I wear to protect my teeth from nighttime grinding and, also, to retain the optimal results achieved with orthodontics and crowns fifteen years ago.

“I made an investment in my mouth and have enjoyed over a decade of stable oral health. It’s my goal to make sure all my teeth continue to work in harmony for the rest of my life. Thank you, Dr. Malone, for staying on the cutting edge of technology to help your patients achieve fine dentistry that lasts. If I need a new crown or another type of restoration in the future, I know we can get immediate best results using the precision of digital technology, but what’s even more important is the trust I have in your experience and expertise in the occlusal aspects of dentistry. A stable, harmonious bite DOES make a difference in health, comfort, function, and a beautiful smile.” – D. Bush (Age 65)

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