3 Reasons Not to Postpone Implant Treatment

woman holding tooth implant

If you’ve been thinking about implant treatment, Dr. Stephen K. Malone and Dr. Michael J. Costa, Jr. invite you to consider why sooner is better than later.

  1. Adjacent tooth roots typically drift into the gap left by a lost tooth. As teeth move out of alignment, your bite and smile can be negatively affected, requiring orthodontic treatment to restore health and aesthetics.
  2. Your chewing function will be decreased where a tooth is missing, and you may modify your chewing to put most stress on the other side of your mouth, increasing wear on those teeth and producing TMJ/TMD associated tenderness.
  3. Implant treatment will help prevent periodontal bone resorption where tooth roots were lost. You want as much bone volume and density to hold the implant as possible. Bone grafting might not be needed or only be a minor procedure if you move ahead with treatment now.

We invite you to learn about your implant options. Call us today to schedule a complimentary initial implant consultation!

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